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AbusePipe is a managed service (SaaS) where you can outsource your handling of Email Abuse Complaints

No-one wants to be a soft target for spammers. With AbusePipe, you can quickly and easily locate which of your users are spamming, and take steps to resolve the issue.

AbusePipe delivers you daily, weekly and monthly reports (configurable) to advise you of which customers are abusing your systems.

AbusePipe identifies the originating source of email abuse complaints extremely quickly, and allows you to immediately contact the originating customer and take appropriate action.

AbusePipe is the ONLY system that deals with abuse COMPLAINTS, and helps ISPs in their fight against SPAM from within their own networks.

Use with KANA and other incoming mail solutions.


Cost Savings

  • Less technical staff required to investigate abuse. Technical staff can return to their normal job functions rather than spending the majority of it reacting to email abuse
  • Move abuse follow-up to a front-of-house activity, with a simple report forwarded to call centre staff for customer follow-up on a daily basis

Less Risk

  • Prevent your ISP being black-banned by other ISPs for failure to act against SPAMers
  • SPAMmers will find your ISP less of a 'soft target', and hence they will target other ISPs

Faster processing

  • No manual processing - no errors
  • Far quicker response time to abuse emails (From 3 weeks down to 1 day or 1 hour depending on reporting period chosen)
  • Unique data warehouse allows for abuse emails to be analysed via customized reports or via Reporting tools such as Brio and Business Objects.

Provides all the benefits of a SaaS solution

  • No server to maintain and monitor
  • No database to maintain and monitor
  • We provide 24x7 monitoring and live backups
  • REST API to query incoming emails, report on top 20 hourly, weekly and monthly IPs
  • Integrate a feedback loop (FBL), sometimes called a complaint feedback loop, with in-house systems via our REST API
  • Handles Abuse Reporting Format (ARF) and Microsoft Junk Mail Reporting (JMR) formats (prior signup required)

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Law Enforcement

AbusePipe can assist in meeting legal obligations such as reporting on the customers connected to a given IP address at a given date and time. Some of our customers receive 1 or more grand jury subpoena a day - and AbusePipe helps to cut down the time that it takes to fulfill these obligations.

Our Solutions

AbusePipe builds on the robust text and data mining solutions that DataMystic has been building since 1998.

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